Hey there ponyfolk!

So you are probably wondering what this site is all about right?
Well if you hit the front page then you've seen most of the site already! By simply clicking the image (or refreshing or clicking the home button or logo at the top) you will get a stream of random cute pony images! Now you are probably thinking: What the heck, how is this useful?! Well you see, if you ever come across something horrible in life, on the internet, or wherever, you can simply come to this page, refresh a few times, and all your troubles will be gone. Easy as that. That is why we exist!
Well, that's about it! Below is some contact info if you feel like getting ahold of me.

Contact Info:

The person who created this page is a Redditor by the name of LordV, I made this for my bronies on Reddit, but heck, if you aren't from our fair corner of the internet then don't fret! The site is also for you ;)
The easiest way to get a hold of me for now is email, you can reach me at:
lordv at ponymindbleach dot com

A big shoutout to all the bronies on #rmlp (freenode) who lent me their knowledge, advice, and time with this project <3

Credit for the Logo and Header button fonts goes to mattyhex and is available here!